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Ladder Standards
Ladder and Step weight loadings are expressed in two ways Maximum Load & Duty Ratings which can cause confusion.

This variation is due to the different standards expressing different loadings. In the British Standard 1129 & 2037 it is a "Duty rating" that is quoted. These take into account the general conditions and probable frequency of use for each type and are the recommended “Safe Working Loads” for that frequency use (Domestic - Once a Week, Trade - Daily light use, Industrial – Continuous)

The European Standard expresses a "Maximum vertical static load". This loading does not take into account frequency or conditions and is better viewed as the “Test Load” rather than an implied safe working load. To help clarify this, some products are duel labelled.

British Standard 2037 (Aluminium) & 1129 (Wood) are split into product sub categories (1- Industrial ,2 - Trade & 3 - Domestic). Where as the European standard EN131 (or BSEN131) is not, though products are still graded with regard to suitability of use, Domestic, Trade & Industrial.

BS2037 & BS1129 Class 1 (Industrial) Heavy Industrial Use – Blue Labelling Duty rating 130kg (20 stone) - Maximum vertical static load 175kg.
EN 131 or BSEN131 (BS2037 & 1129 Class 2 is no longer used) Product uses are categorised to either Domestic, Trade or Industrial. (NOT ALL EN131 PRODUCTS ARE SUITABLE FOR TRADE USE) Duty rating 115kg (18 stone) - Maximum vertical static load 150kg.
BS2037 Class 3 (Domestic) Domestic DIY Use. Personnel & private use only. – Red Labelling
Duty rating 95kg (15 stone) - Maximum vertical static load 125kg.

It is important that you choose equipment that best fit your needs.
If you are using a ladder or step as part of your or someone’s job, using a Domestic product is not advisable as they are not suitable by design for any employed tasks however infrequent they are, irrespective of the condition or age of the product.


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